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Halloween and Covid

This year Halloween might be different for a lot of us. Some will still trick or treat, and gather with families and other's wont. No matter what you choose, don't forget to stop over at MACK MANOR in Fox River Grove for the ultimate drive-thru Halloween Experience (they do a Christmas one too!). This family puts their heart and soul into providing our community a wonderful drive-thru for all ages. Have little ones? Put your hazards on so the ghosts and ghouls know not to spoke you!

We've been going to their drive-thru for years, and it's always something we look forward to! This year, they will open their gates on Saturday October 3rd. The cost is free, but they do take donations. Make sure to load your kids and family for a one of kind experience that will bring a smile to all their faces.

Here's their facebook page for more information, location, hours and other details.

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