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Is Air Duct Cleaning worth it?

The Answer is YES! Routine Air duct cleaning is just as important as regularly changing your furnace filter, and having your Furnace/AC Systems checked and tuned up before you use them for the season.

One of our catchy tag lines for Air Duct Cleaning is "if it's in the air it's in your lungs!" And, it's so true! The EPA and Clean Air Environmental Act suggests air ducts should be properly cleaned and sanitized every 3 years for homes without pets, and every year to 2 years (at max) for homes with pets. That suggestion is for people who do not suffer from allergies. If you suffer from allergies, it's wise to have your duct system properly scrubbed and cleaned at least once per year.

Have you ever looked into your vents? It's incredible the amount of dirt, dust, debris, and dander that lurks in there! Pollen, allergens, lot's of yucky stuff that yep, you guessed it - you and your family are breathing in!

What if I rent my home or apartment? Well, then it's your landlords duty to provide a clean air environment just as much as it's your duty to pay your rent on time each month. We can always coordinate billing and scheduling between landlord and tenant, so don't let that discourage you from bringing it up to your landlord and calling us for a free quote, or having your landlord contact us too!

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